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The Man Who Planted Trees

Puppet State Theatre

Touring:  Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020

Fee:  £850 for 1 show, £1250 for 2 shows

Synopsis:  A French Shepherd sets out with his dog to plant a forest and transform a barren wasteland.  As war rages across Europe their young forest comes under threat.  A unique blend of comedy, puppetry and storytelling with sensory effects creating scents, wind and rain.  An inspiring and unforgettable story that shows us the difference one man (and his dog!) can make to the world.

Dates booked so far:

Autumn 2019

Spring 2020

The following show was seen at Edinburgh International Children’s Festival 2018 (formerly known as Imaginate):

Baba Yaga

Windmill Theatre

Baba Yaga is a co-production between Imaginate (Edinburgh International Children’s Festival) and Windmill Theatre Company, co-created by Windmill Artistic Director, Rosemary Myers.  Shona Reppe, whose work  members of Creu Cymru have admired at Edinburgh Festival and Imaginate in the past is part of the creative team.

Touring period:  29 October – 8 November 2019.

Fee:  £715 per show.  This figure is inclusive of royalties, per diems and all on-costs.

Synopsis:  Vaselina lives the quiet life, working as a receptionist in a very tall apartment block.  But all that changes when she is forced to confront a terrifying resident who plays her music far too loudly and eats her jelly babies with her mouth open.

Who is this mysterious neighbor?  Will she ever turn the music down?  And what exactly is she planning for dinner?  An uproarious musical journey to the top floor and beyond.  Baba Yaga is a brand new take on an old Russian folktale created by director Rosemary Myers and two unique and celebrated artists from opposite ends of the globe; Shona Reppe (Scotland; The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean) and Christine Johnston (Australia; The Kransky Sisters).

Dates booked:

 30 October 2019 Blackwood Miners’ Institute
31 October 2019 Ffwrnes, Llanelli
2 November 2019 Pontardawe Arts Centre
7 November 2019 Borough Theatre, Abergavenny

The following are shows that members wanted Creu Cymru to follow up on from performances seen at Edinburgh Festival 2018.

Four Go Wild in Wellies

Indepen-dance4, as the tour dates were in March 2019, Aberystwyth Arts Centre was the only venue that was able to take the tour.  The company are performing at Aberystwyth on 15 March 2019.

Stick by Me

By Andy Manley and Ian Cameron / Produced by Red Bridge Arts / For ages 3-6 years

Fee:  £1,500 + VAT for 2 shows

Stick by Me is a ‘joyful and funny show’ (The Guardian) about friendship and play, and the importance of treasuring little things.  This ‘Charming, delightful, inventive show’ (The Wee Review) is created by Andy Manley and Ian Cameron, co-creators of international hit show White.

When I wake up
you are there
Let’s run, play, hide
Follow me
Don’t get lost

I will stick by you
If you will
Stick by me

Originally commissioned by Gulbenkian

Link to short video

Dates booked:

25 May 2019 Blackwood Miners’ Institute
29 May 2019 Ffwrnes, Llanelli
31 May 2019 Aberystwyth Arts Centre
18 June 2019 Galeri, Caernarfon
19 June 2019 Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon


Cluster Arts Pty Ltd

Fee: £1200, two shows can be performed in one day if required.

Two excitable brothers, are definitely, about to, almost, at some stage, are maybe going to do the chores their mother asked them to do…

Chores is the story of two typical young rascal boys playing in their mess of a room.  Suddenly, mother’s alarming screams rattle the boys back in to acrobatic action.  A generous serve of comedy and chaotic acrobatics accompanies every attempt of cleaning of their room and doing their chores.  This mess of a chaos and comedy concludes with a last-minute cleaning spree.  Mum is kept at bay and the rewards come flooding in.

The show can bump in in two hours or less – it is very simple with a simple lighting wash required.  It can also be performed outdoors (as long as its flat and smooth surface).

The show runs for 60 minutes and the acrobats always meet their audiences afterwards.  Workshops can be included if venues are interested in this for £100.

Dates available from April through to end of August, with the exception of the time they are Edinburgh Fringe.

Link to full length video link to the Full Length Video

Link to Promo video link to the Promo Video

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Link to technical rider link to the technical Rider

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The show is also touring in 2020, the following performances have been booked for this period: