The Other Room

Founded in 2014 The Other Room is Cardiff’s Pub Theatre, a 47-seat producing house making visionary, distinctive theatre like nothing else in the Welsh capital.  It is a small space where young artists have the freedom to take big risks; that celebrates Wales as a bilingual nation; and where new Welsh plays go toe-to-toe with the most exciting modern drama.

Our vision is for a thriving and sustainable small-scale theatre scene in Wales.  It is on the fringes where the most adventurous ideas can be tested, where artists can afford to take risks, and where new art-forms are born.  We want theatre that is engaged in politics, society and culture and relevant to the lives of people in the here and now.  we want theatre of the highest quality; where small scale does not mean artistic excellence is compromised but rather championed.  We want to raise the bar on what theatre in Wales is capable of.

Programming contact:  Dan Jones, Artistic Director,

Marketing contact:  Ben Atterbury, Associate Artistic Director,

Address:  The Other Room Theatre, Bute Terrace, Cardiff    CF10 2FE

Tel:  029 2128 0189