Dance Across Wales

In partnership with the National Rural Touring Forum, funded by Arts Council of Wales, Creu Cymru’s Dance Across Wales project is bringing dance performances to venues throughout Wales 2019-2020, giving people the opportunity to give dance a chance at their local theatre.

Here is the line up for 2020:

The Little Prince – Luca Silvestrini’s Protein Dance

The Little Prince - Lucas Silvestrinis Protein Dance

Welcome to the incredible story of The Little Prince, retold by a pilot stranded in the desert.  Find out how the Little Prince leaves behind his own tiny asteroid and journeys through the universe, coming face to face with the baffling world of grown-ups!  Once on planet Earth, the Little Prince is welcomed by a mysterious snake and a wise fox before encountering the lone pilot.  Together they discover the beauty of friendship and the complexity of love.  Based on the world-famous story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince brings Protein’s award-winning mix of dance, humour and spoken word.

Suitable for children young and old.

4th February 2020 The Miners’ Ammanford

The Storm by James Wilton Dance

The Storm - James Wilton Dance

James Wilton Dance, one of Europe’s most in demand dance companies, present The Storm, a whirlwind of lightning fast, athleticism, where acrobatics, break-dancing, martial arts and contact work fuse to form dance that will blow audiences away.  Seven dancers, a soundtrack of thundering electro-rock specially composed by Amarok and thousands of pieces of paper combine to create a work that will astound you with its athleticism and touch you emotionally in a way that words simply can’t.  In this storm can you find peace?  Can you find the calm eye of the storm?  Will it all blow over?

25th March 2020 The Welfare, Ystradgynlais

27th March 2020 Canolfan Ucheldre, Holyhead

28th March 2020 Neuadd Dwyfor, Pwllheli

Venus by Dan Watson

Venus - Dan Watson

As a child Dan lost a British holiday-camp dance competition.  Largely because he totally misunderstood what competitive dance was, and they didn’t play his song of choice.  Venus by Bananarama.  This performance enacts the version of the event that he would have liked to happen, the dance he would have performed had he known better, been braver, had a Little Miss Sunshine moment.

Venus is a combination of contemporary dance, confessional and comedy, inviting members of the audience to take on the roles of the judges, other contestants and enthusiastic family members at the competition.

This is an opportunity for us all to win, if only for the duration of one song by an 80s girl group.

17th April 2020 Canolfan Ucheldre, Holyhead

30th April 2020 The Park and Dare Theatre, Treorchy

Juliet & Romeo by Lost Dog

Juliet & Romeo - Lost Dog

With Lost Dog’s blend of dance, theatre and comedy this duet reveals the real story of Romeo and Juliet.  It turns out they didn’t die in a tragic misunderstanding, they grew up and lived happily ever after.  Well they lived at least.

Now they’re 40ish, at least one of them is in the grips of a mid-life crisis, they feel constantly mocked by their teenage selves and haunted by the pressures of being the poster couple for romantic love.  They have decided to confront their current struggles by putting on a performance – about themselves.  Their therapist told them it was a terrible idea.

Directed by Olivier Award nominated Ben Duke, Juliet & Romeo takes on our cultural obsession with youth and our inevitable issues with longevity.

30th April Neuadd Dwyfor, Pwllheli

2nd May 2020 Canolfan Ucheldre, Holyhead

Creu Cymru is working with the National Touring Forum (NRTF) in a project to enable six theatres in Wales who currently programme little or no dance, but who have a stated ambition to engage with and develop local audiences for dance, to present work from the NRTF’s Dance Menu.

The Dance Menu contains eight existing dance pieces from established artists and companies which have been re-choreographed for small-scale presentation.  The Dance Menu is curated by NRTF, China Plate and The Place.

The project is funded by Arts Council of Wales and runs from October 2018 until November 2019, with work being presented in Spring 2019 and Autumn 2019.  The participating theatres, located in rural areas or small towns, will be able to choose two dance pieces from the menu at a subsidised rate.  They will also receive marketing and outreach support, and will work collaboratively with other theatres in the scheme to share ideas and strategies, marketing approaches and evaluation.

Participating theatres are Theatr Colwyn, Ucheldre Centre Holyhead, Neuadd Dwyfor Pwllheli, Parc and Dare Theatre Treorci, The Welfare Ystradgynlais and Ammanford Miners.

In a separate strand, not part of the Creu Cymru project, there are opportunities for Wales-based dance artists to develop their work for rural audiences and village halls through commissioning schemes to support new and existing work.

Past productions in this programme

Leviathan by James Wilton Dance

LEVIATHAN follows Ahab, a ship captain hell-bent on capturing the white whale:  Moby Dick, a beast as vast and dangerous as the sea itself, yet serene and beautiful beyond all imagining.  Ahab’s crew are drawn into the unhinged charisma of their captain, blindly following him on his perilous adventure towards almost certain destruction.

Multi award-winning choreographer James Wilton re-imagines Herman Melville’s seminal novel, Moby Dick.

(The Welfare & Neuadd Dwyfor)

Louder is Not Always Clearer by Jonny Cotsen/Mr & Mrs Clark

Louder is Not Always Clearer is a story of disconnection, difference and desperation to belong.  Through this moving, passionate performance Jonny shares his story with you; explaining how he negotiates life as a deaf man in a hearing world.  It is an honest and funny show.

(The Park & Dare Theatre)

Hansel and Gretel by Uchenna Dance

The classic fairly tale gets a dance makeover.

Our two heroes find themselves lost in a big city, overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells.  Together the brave duo must outwit the adults to find their way back to their family in a show where kids are number one!

Vicki Igbokwe puts her unique Uchenna Dance twist (The Head Wrap Diaries) on the much-loved story, weaving dance styles House, Waacking and vogue, with African and Contemporary Dance.

(The Miners, Ammanford)