Audience Development project

The primary aims are to find ways of a) developing audiences for theatres, and b) improving audience engagement for work created in Wales through collaborative partnerships between presenters and producers.

Primarily an audience development initiative, this project also addresses two other identified needs. Firstly, breaking down the often-cited disconnect between producers and presenters. Secondly, creating the resource to address an identified need for production support. In some cases, artists do not have the capacity to effectively translate work to audiences despite the support of venues, and while resources (rehearsal space, finance, technical, marketing) can sometimes be found to support project development even well-resourced venues struggle to find the capacity to be active producers.

A key element of this project is a ‘Producers Hub’. This is a roster of independent producers working in partnership with venues to provide production support, outreach activities and additional capacity to artists/companies.

A clear narrative of expectation for the venue’s ambitions for developing audience engagement is established at the outset, and following visits to theatres by selected groups of artists, the partnerships within this project are determined in response to those declared audience development ambitions. The objective is to develop bespoke work that resonates with the communities served by the partner theatres, and to provide opportunities for independent Wales-based artists to create relevant, high-quality work.