Our mission

To strengthen the performing arts in Wales.

Our Vision

To be a vibrant and leading network of performing arts professionals from across Wales. This network will further develop and promote the value and recognition of the importance of the arts to communities by connecting people, championing of ideas, the growth of leadership and by developing a diverse and engaged membership.

Our priorities

Our overarching priorities for the current planning period, as described under our Champion, Connect and Evolve banners of operation, are detailed below.


We aim to communicate the value of performing arts in Wales.

We identify members’ key issues and set the agenda to progress those issues, both independently and through collaborative action with strategic allies. We represent the value of our members, and promote the value they contribute to community well-being and cultural identity.


We connect performance makers and presenters to create shared understanding, collective impact and mutually beneficial outcomes that support and extend the presentation and mobility of performing arts activity.


We develop schemes to support enhance the skills and experience of the existing workforce and enable those new to the sector to identify pathways into the industry. We aim to improve sector equality and diversity to ensure the development of a broad and representative range of content producers, and the production of work that is relevant to new and diverse audiences.

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Data protection

We take our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation very seriously.  You can see our privacy notice below.